Java to Javascript converter

Welcome to the free online Java to JS converter.

Java code is converted into readable Javascript code using StrataCode, an open source build tool with easy-to-code and customize code processing.

  • Java 1.8 syntax, Java 1.6 subset of the java.lang, and java.util packages.
  • Deploy in two ways: either use a separate module that includes all of the supported java classes, or include only the java classes used in the generated code.
  • All Number types in Java represented as the one JS number type.
Terms of use
This form is provided free for use limited by the resources available on a small, private VPS, and a lone developer maintaining this as a side project.
Conversion is provided 'as is' with no express or implied warranty and we assume no liability for damages caused through the use of this software.
Uploaded code is held on the server in a session tied to a cookie in your browser until the session expires (after 15 minutes of inactivity).
We assume no liability for source code accidentally exposed to 3rd parties due to bugs in the software. If you have sensitive code to convert, we recommend that you download scc and do the conversion on your own system.

Using the converter
  • To convert multiple classes, upload all files and press Convert.
  • To convert a single independent class, paste in Java code or upload the file and press Convert.
  • Run on your own system, customize the JS, add code-processing, and improve control over customizations with the free, and open source StrataCode build tool (scc). Follow the getting started for Java to JS projects.
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