Command line example
The command line and test script interface is designed to build flexible, manageable tests, and build or customize programs from the command line. It supports a line-by-line variant of StrataCode, so you can type in or paste in programs or code. The command line and management UI framework support can share the same EditorContext. As you navigate to a new type or layer in one, the other follows. It works in two modes - 'edit mode' and 'script mode'. In edit mode, all changes made to code in the command line mode either added in a new layer, or modify the existing source code (so be careful with edit mode). In script mode, new fields, methods etc. work just like edit mode. But property assignments only apply to the current instance. In edit mode, when there are current instances of that type, those changes will be made to all instances, or a restart may be required (and usually a warning is given when that's necessary).