In the SiteBuilder, changes made to products, blog posts, categories, skus, etc. in the management UI are reflected in real time on the live product pages. See this in action, and walk through the code that makes it happen.
See the storefront running in client/server mode, how layers organize into multiple processes, and how data-sync supports declarative code that runs in one process or split between client and server.
Layers in StrataCode support flexible ways to plug-in code and customize features. This demo walks through three different techniques used by the product feature.
A code walk-through of the UserProfile object in the SiteBuilder. See the database and data sync mapping annotations, an example data binding expression used as a queryable property, declaratively defined query, and look at the generated code for debugging.
Overview of StrataCode design. Download the presentation (PDF, with presenter notes).
Demo showing project organization, layers view, find class, nav to/from generated source with unitConverter and management UI.
Demo of TodoList.schtml and web framework features. Shows an app with management UI running in server only mode, a glimpse of the protocol and generated code.
Using the TodoList example, shows isomorphic Java, server rendering of HTML, updating in Java converted to Javascript running in the browser. Synchronization and scopes for efficient and flexible state management.
Shows more features of the web framework with the simple blog example, and customization features of the management UI.
Shows how StrataCode scales to larger programs and how layers are used to organize code in client and server, desktop and web
Old, longer introduction to StrataCode (then known as LayerCake). Download the presentation (PDF).
Old demo showing the unitConverter and expertSystem examples using the Swing editor. Introduces basic language concepts.
Old demo demonstrates a previous version of the swing editor running using dynamic layers. The program editor demonstrated editing the code for the unit converter and the program editor itself. Demonstrates more complex data binding expressions, layer definition files, adding objects, code view editing code, the fun 3d view which shows the openGL integration.
Old demo showing android, wicket, gwt integrations. The last 2 minutes accurately describes the now built web framework.
The concepts behind how you build StrataCode frameworks.
Core architecture and design of StrataCode. Includes a description of the parser/formatter engine.