Scalable. Customizable.
A new dimension in coding with layers and code-processing
StrataCode provides Java extensions for data binding, components, layers, and client/server sync. An IntelliJ plugin. Java to JS converter. Site builder framework with storefront and management UIs.
Forward binding

Reverse + bi-directional

Tools and customization
IntelliJ IDEA plugin, Management UIs built from annotated domain models (example). Dynamic layers - java simulator right from the AST optimized for run-once code. Supports Java-syntax for layer-definition files and live programming experience for dynamic aspects of the code. Later compile those same layers for efficient runtime (more).

Layers - universal config and customization
Build and run entire multi-process systems using layered components written with Java plus extensions. Layers provide cleaner module directories with less copying and scaffolding. Layer directories specify dependencies, additions, and modifications preserving their design intent. Move features from layer to layer without refactoring downstream code.

Layers support package install/update for maven and other package formats. They define new file formats, directory structure for downstream layers, add code-processors, modify Java types with layers.

As a project grows in size, layers offer refactoring freedom. A large type that has accumulated dependencies can be split into multiple layers, merged back again without changing the generated code. Those parts of that same type can be used in another process - e.g. a new mobile UI, or back-end service.

StrataCode is open source, readable code. Great for framework developers, or beginners wanting to build code processors.

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