Getting started

StrataCode is intended for programmers with experience using Java.

It requires: Java 8 or 11, Git, Unix (linux and mac - windows testing in progress), a machine with 4GB of memory and a fast processor for code-processing and compilation.

IntelliJ plugin

To use StrataCode from IntelliJ, download a recent version of IntelliJ (either Community or Ultimate) and install the IntelliJ plugin - a full featured IDE for StrataCode to build and run applications.

Command line - scc

To download the command line interface and libraries, download here. Unzip this file to create the /home/scc directory:

  cd /home
  unzip ~/Downloads/

Run or add to ~/.bashrc:

  export PATH=$PATH:/home/scc/bin


  scc -version

Create a StrataCode project, and then run scc from the project directory with a list of layers.

Create a StrataCode project

A StrataCode project contains one or more bundles of layers in the bundles directory:

  mkdir /home/myProj
  cd /home/myProj
  mkdir bundles
  cd bundles
  git clone

Add additional layer bundles as well (inside of the 'bundles' directory):

  git clone
  git clone
  git clone

Java to Javascript converter

See this quickstart

Installing scc source

The code behind 'scc' is not open source but would make a great open source project if there's enough demand. It's a lot more fun to build when you have the source and we're looking for new partners to help so get in touch if you'd like to see more. With the source, run:

  mkdir ~/scc
  cd ~/scc
  git clone .
  (or unzip the

Configure project to point to scc source

When using StrataCode with it's source code, it's best for the project build to use this source for the scc libraries, rather than than the copy bundled with the scc command.

Add this configuration file so that the 'scc' command can find it's own source code:

cd /home/myProj
mkdir conf
cat > conf/scSourcePath

Running StrataCode examples

From your /home/myProj directory run:

  • Swing management UI and the expert system:

    scc editor.swing.main example.expertSystem.main

See example layers for more examples.


If you have problems after code changes, use the '-a' option to build all files or remove the layer's build directory in /home/myProj/build or the modelCache in ~/.stratacode/modelCache.

The modelCache is a recent optimization to speed up parsing of a file and the IDE but still sometimes gets corrupted which can cause weird errors that are easily corrected by removing that directory.

Third party packages for most layers are installed by default in ~/.stratacode/pkgs when the layer is started the first time (either at build time, or when the IDE indexes the layer).

There's a usage for the scc command or type "help" at the command line.

See the documentation or current project status

known issues or report a bug please for any problems big or small. Email Jeff ( Your feedback is much appreciated.